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EdgeGaming Server MOTD

Post by ItsSlad on Sat Feb 20, 2016 10:28 pm

General Rules:
1. No hacking,glitching,exploiting, etc.
2. No threatening to DDOS a staff, player, or the server.
3. No mic spamming/chat spamming.
4. Do not prop push/spam/block/surf/kill.
5. Do not advertise other servers on our server.
6. Do not FailRP.
7. Do not RDM(Random Deathmatch).
8. Do not RDA (Random Arrest).
9. Do not RDS (Random Stunstick).
10. Do not CDM (Car Deathmatch).
11. Do not ask staff for money, the answer is NO in advanced.
12. Do not disrespect staff/players.
13. If someone is breaking rules don't arrest them or make them wanted call a staff member. If you do arrest them you will be warned.
14. Do not break NLR (New life rule), NLR is 5 minutes.
15. Only Hobo's can build on the streets.
16. Cops/mayor may NOT be corrupt.
17. Do not meta game.
18. Do not scam, give a player the item they payed for.
19. Do not self supply. You can only self supply if you are the only dealer.
20. KOS signs are allowed.
21. Tunnel Bases are allowed.
22. Do not disconnect and join back to recover your stolen car back. This is FailRP
23. Do not argue in OOC.
24. Do not suicide if you are being kidnap or mugged.
25. Do not disconnect,suicide,or change jobs in a admin sit.
26. Do not use a camera to look inside bases.
27. Do not argue with staff. If you have a problem post a forum under "Staff report".
28. Do not kill yourself if about to be arrested.
29. Always follow fearRP, if a gun is pointed at you fear it at all times this means you are not allowed to pull out a gun you are only allowed to try and run to save yourself. This only goes for mugging and kidnapping.
30. Do not job abuse.
31. CP's/Mayor cannot own houses. They live in the PD.
32. If a Hobo throws bugbait at you they are KOS.
33. Only criminals can Raid.
34. Only criminals can Mug.
35. Do not FDA, this is where you use your key to open your fadding door. This rule only occurs during raids.
36. There must be at least 1 entrance. If there is at least one entrance it is not Prop Block.

Mugging Rules:
1. The max $$$ for a mug is $3000.
2. You may mug every 5 minutes.
3. You may mug the same person every 10 minutes.
4. During a mug you may NOT pull any guns.
5. You may run from a mug but your mugger can kill you.

Raiding Rules:
1. You may raid every 10 minutes.
2. To raid the same person you must wait 15 minutes.
3. The raid time limit is 15 minutes. This means as soon as you call raid you have 15 minutes to finish.
4. Do not camp in someones base until the 15 minutes is up or they come back.
5. You may steal their printers.
6. You have to call raid before you start pick locking/keypad cracking.
7. Do not raid someone with a building sign.
8. You may not build while being raided.
9. Do not switch jobs while raiding/being raided.

Building Rules:
1. A player should be able to enter/exit a base without having to break any props.
2. You CAN have keypads that are fake (AKA dont work).
3. You cannot block off any part of the map.
4. You may only own one house.
5. Your keypad must have a hold length of at least 5 seconds.
6. Keypads must be placed near the door they open.
7. One way props are allowed.
8. Do not build inside buildings that you do not own.
9. You may only have a building sign if you are really building.
10. If you have a building sign and any entities people may raid you.
11. Do not build on the streets unless you are a Hobo or a DJ.
12. Keypad hold time must be 5 seconds.

Combat Engagement:
You CAN fire at someone if:
1. They are shooting at you.
2. They are stealing from you.
3. They are raiding you.
4. They are shooting at one of your party members.
5. You have warned them to stop following you. EX. /advert Warn, stop following me 1/1
6. They are past KOS line

You CAN NOT fire at someone if:
1. They are pointing a gun at you.
2. They are following you and you have not warned them.
3. They are mic spamming, call a staff member.
4. They are chat spamming, call a staff member.

Basic Terms:

OOC - Out Of Character
IC - In Character
RDM - Random Death Match
NLR - New Life Rule
FDA - Fading Door Abuse
RDA - Random Arrest
Meta - Metagaming
CP - Police (Civil Protection)
Mod - Moderator
Admin - Administrator
SA - Super Admin
HA - Head Admin
CM - Community Manager
DCTAP - Disconnected To Avoid Punishment
L2AP - Leaving To Avoid Punishment
RP - Role-Play
IRL - In Real Life
Edge - Edge RP

RDM (Random Death Match)

Random Death Match, literally means a random attempt to shoot a player or kill. All kills and opening fire(Using your weapon) threats must have a valid role-play reason, not all the valid reasons need to be written down, use your common sense, attempting to kill/damage someone without a valid RP reason will end up in a wan/kick and if the situation is major, a ban(the staff decides the length).

NLR (New Life Rule)

New life rule, this rule applies to you when you die, and means that you must not come back to the your death point within 5 minutes, or anywhere close to it. You must also forget all role-play related events of your character (for example you and you die, you must 'forget' that).


Do not metagame, ever:
You are not allowed to transfer any information from IC to OOC, or vice versa.
You are not allowed to base your actions on non-realistic stuff like seeing something through the wall(Keypad code you got while playing a different job, Name Tags, Drug Lab Tags, etc).

- You may not raid, print or own a house.
- You may build a structures around the city. You are allowed to build anything you want as long as it's not in someone's house, hanging against a building, or floating in the sky.
- You may ask people for money.
- You may throw bug baits at people, but if you do you are KOS.

- You may own a house with printers.
- You may not raid or base with bad guys / criminals.
- You may not mug

- No random lockdowns, (you must give a reason) random lockdowns will result in job ban.
- You can not raid or be corrupt.
- Your job is to control the city, you may put new laws that DO NOT go against any rules.
- You may buy a house and go there with your secret service.
- Lock downs may last no longer than 15 minutes! Do not spam lock down every time you have the option to!
- You may only own a handgun for self defence, you are important, its failrp to put yourself in dangerous situations.
- You may not make printers/weed/meth legal.

Secret Service
- You may not raid or base.
- Your job is to obey and protect the president at the risk of your own life.
- You must leave this job if there is no Mayor.

Police / Police Chief
- You may not raid or mug.
- You may not own printers.
- You may only be corrupt if you are the VIP class "Corrupt Cop"

Gun Dealer/Heavy Gun Dealer
- You may not raid or base with other people, however you can own a shop with another gun dealer.
- You may own printers.
- You have to sell to everyone.
- You must own a store and a method of trading physical goods, no "PM me for guns".
- You may not self supply unless you are the only dealer.
- You must base in your store.

Black Market Dealer
- You may only base with gangsters/criminals.
- You can't discriminate agains't certain classes apart from Law Enforcement, they can't buy guns from you.
- Your objective is to try to sell illegal weaponry without being caught by CPs(Civil Protection), you can do a shop but it's risky as you WILL be raided by CPs for having/selling illegal weapons.
- You may not raid.
- You may self supply if you are the only dealer.

Drug Dealer
- You may print and base with gangsters/criminals.
- You may sell your product.
- You may print.
- You may not raid.
- You can self supply if you are the only dealer.

- You are here to heal other players you may charge them for money.
- You may not raid.
- You may print.
- You may make a shop to heal other players.

Combat Medic
- You get paid to heal other players during a raid.
- You may NOT raid alone.
- You can only Raid Assist.
- You may print.

Thief / Professional Thief
- You may raid and steal, it is the part of your job.
- You may print and base.
- You may only base with other criminals

- You may base and print.
- You can only base with other criminals.
- Do not get the money from the hit then kill yourself.
- You may raid.

Pocket Thief
- You may base and print (Can only base with other criminals).
- Your job is to go around town pick pocketing players.
- You may mug ($3500 max).
- You can raid.

- You may base and print but only with your gang
- You may mug ($3500 max).
- You can raid.

- You cant do shit.
- You cant own guns/printers.
- You must follow you owner and obey him.
- You cannot own a house you may only Co-Own a house with your owner.

Corrupt Cop
- You can unarrest people randomly
- You may not RDA/RDM people
- You go around town abusing citizens
- If you get caught you can be arrested

Admin/Mod on duty
- You may not raid/mug.
- You may not base or print

- You may raid.
- You may mug ($3500 max).
- You may base and print.

- You may raid
- You may base and print
- You may kidnap someone every 10 minutes but you have to advert kidnap
- You may only hold the person you kidnapped for 15 minutes max


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